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Manahan + Co. Classic Snap Apron

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Manahan+Co’s aprons consist of an outer, lightweight canvas shell that’s water-resistant and flexible for a comfortable fit. Available in two colors: black and navy.

Their signature, however, lies within. They use specialty fabrics for the liner, sourced both locally and abroad, to give a unique and fun touch to each apron. Finally, the aprons have premium dark brown or tan leather trim/straps and brass hardware and clips.

Having tested these aprons extensively, we can attest to the long-wearing comfort they provide. And when they get a little dirty, just pop the leather trimmings off and throw the apron into the washing machine.

Size Measurements:

Small (25-46" W): 31.25"L / 20.8"W

Medium (28-49" W): 32"L / 23.6"W

Large (31-52" W): 33.5"L / 27"

* Please note that the color and pattern of the liner may vary from apron to apron

** Other than the single older stock Medium Blue aprons which reach the top of the knee (29"L / 23.6"W), all new stock aprons are now a little bit longer than product photos and extend past the knee

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