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Knife Sharpening has resumed in a limited manner
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Custom Saya making services are suspended for the moment

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Custom Sayas and Engraving/Etching Services

Custom Sayas-

Currently, our custom saya pricing is as follows:

Please note that custom saya making work is currently on hold. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Saya without taper for 240mm or under- $90
  • Saya without taper for larger than 240mm or extra wide/tall blades- $100
  • Saya with taper for 240mm or under- $120
  • Saya with taper for larger than 240mm or extra wide/tall blades- $150
  • Matte Black Finish- additional $30
  • Extra Large Supplement (i.e. Chinese Cleavers, 300mm Gyutos, etc.)- additional $50
The sayas we make are 3 piece sayas.  The two outer parts are cut to shape a bit larger than the knife, with the inner piece having the same outer profile, but having the exact knife shape cut out inside.  For sayas without taper, the pieces are glued together as is, and finished on the outside.  This means that the knife shape will fit perfectly, but there may be wobble inside the saya from side to side, especially near the edge.  For sayas with taper, we taper the middle piece to help the saya fit the taper and grind of the knife more closely.  This almost entirely eliminates any movement in the saya and provides for a much better fit.
Sayas for knives 240mm and under will feature outer pieces made from poplar and an inner piece made of a composite wood material.  Sayas for larger knives will be made entirely of the composite wood material.  Smaller sayas can also be made of the composite material upon request.  The sayas will feature a black pin to secure the saya on the knife.
Both large and small sayas can be painted matte black, though we often recommend this for larger sayas made from the composite material.  For matte black sayas on smaller knives, we will use the composite material instead of wood.
It may also be possible to engrave the sayas with text or graphics (at an additional cost).  If this is something you are interested in, please let us know and we can provide more information, as well as pricing.
In order to make the sayas, we will need to have the knives physically here with us for the entire time the production process takes.  Please check with us before sending anything in.  We can provide you with a timeframe estimate and directions on how and where to send in the knife/knives if we are able to accommodate your project.  At minimum, please expect that this will take 1-2 weeks from the time we receive the knife/knives. Please click here to contact us for more info on this or to order a custom saya for your knife/knives.

Laser Engraving/Etching-

We now have the ability to laser etch and engrave.  For wood and other organic materials, laser engraving may be possible.  For metal, we can use the laser to etch/permanently mark the material.  The marking will be dark grey to black.  Pricing will range from $10-$75+ depending on size and complexity.  This can be used for anything from simply putting your name on your blade or saya to creating intricate designs for your blade/saya.  Please contact us for more information by clicking here.

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