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Gesshin Kagekiyo 150mm White #2 Deba

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  • This is a new part of our Gesshin Kagekiyo series.  Along the lines of our white #2 Gesshin Kagekiyo series, we thought it might be nice to add some more single bevel options. These knives represent some of the highest level of craftsmanship and quality we have seen. The blacksmiths, sharpeners, and even lacquer-ware craftsmen are all amazingly skilled, as can clearly be seen by simply looking at them. In fact, all of the craftsmen are certified craftsmen or dentou-kougeishi (a very prestigious honor). These knives have amazing fit and finish, spectacular grinds, and amazing geometry. They are a bit of a step up in quality from more basic white #2 deba models, and this can be seen in the grind quality and level of fit and finish, but they still are on the more tough, durable, and easy to sharpen side of things. Unlike our higher end Gesshin Kagekiyo lines, these lacquer handles are far more simple, and the sayas that come with these are normal sayas instead of lacquered sayas.  The steels are also a bit more forgiving and easier to work with.

    • Knife Type: Deba
    • Steel Type: Carbon
    • Handle Type: Special
    • Construction Type: Clad
    • Hand Orientation: Right Handed
    • Handle Length: 122mm
    • Handle Height: 26.86mm
    • Handle Width: 19.18mm
    • Handle to Tip Length: 162mm
    • Heel to Tip Length: 150mm
    • Width of Spine at Middle: 5.88mm
    • Width of Spine 1cm from the Tip: 2.24mm
    • Width of Spine at Handle: 6.47mm
    • Width of Spine above Heel: 6.78mm
    • Blade Thickness 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge: 4.2mm
    • Blade Height at Heel: 49mm
    • Weight: 212g

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