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1000/3000 Combo Stone with Base

  • This is a smaller sized 1000/300 combo stone, designed for chefs who need a portable sharpening option.  Though it's not a splash-and-go stone, it does soak rather quickly, and provides good cutting speed and tactile feedback. Though the finishing stone is only 3000 grit, it leaves a great polish and a very nice toothy edge appropriate for many kitchen tasks.  The 3000 side also makes a great touchup stone.  This stone comes with its own base, which provides additional stone height in sharpening and a more stable base on which to sharpen.  This stone holder is designed to work specifically with this stone, and will not work well with other stones.

    • Grit Level: Combo stone
    • Length: 182mm
    • Height: 62mm
    • Width: 27mm
    • Weight: 629g

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