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Binchotan Fukin

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  • Fukin are a type of Japanese towel made from "kaya", or a style of mosquito netting.  They are extremely soft and absorbent, and therefore make great dish towels.  Over time, with proper care, they become even softer.  These are some of our favorite towels, both in the kitchen and around the house.


    This type of Fukin contains binchotan, which helps with controlling odor.  It also changes the texture of the fukin, making it ideal for wiping off hard smudge/fingerprint prone items like glassware and lacqured items.


    When preparing to use these for the first time, they should be soaked in hot water until the water runs clear.  This initial soaking removes some of the natural glue used to hold the fibers together, helps soften the fukin, and prepares it for initial use.  Following the soaking, rinse the fukin and air dry them.  They can be washed in a washing machine with cold water and a delicate setting, but should always be air dried (never use the dryer for them).


    Fukin work well for a wide variety of tasks, but are especially good at drying things like glassware, due to their absorbent nature.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

      • Length: 30cm
      • Width: 40cm

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