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Japan Trip 2012

Our Annual Japan Trip

When Sara and I first started Japanese Knife Imports, we decided that every year we would head back to Japan to spend time with the craftsmen we work with- working on new projects, training and learning about sharpening and blacksmithing, traveling to new areas and meeting new craftsmen, and so on.  Because we work directly with most of the craftsmen we deal with, this personal connection is a very important part of our business.  This trip also gives us an opportunity to improve our skills in sharpening and our understanding of knives (through the study of blacksmithing, handle making, saya making, etc.).

This year we will be traveling to Japan from September 19th 2012 to October 20th2012.  During this time, our store will be closed and we will not be shipping out orders.  However, you are more than welcome to place orders through our website during this time.  All orders placed during this time will be shipped out when we return from Japan (most likely on October 22nd 2012… the first weekday after we return).  Orders placed before 3pm PDT on September 18th 2012 will be shipped out before we leave for Japan.

While in Japan, we will be traveling to various cities and meeting with a number of craftsmen.  We will do our best to post updates to our blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, and whatever else we can.  You can find our blog, follow us on twitter @JKnifeImports, or search us out on facebook at

If you need to reach us at japan, we will be checking e-mails regularly (though our response may be a bit delayed).  Please send e-mails to or  You can also reach us via skype (username- JBroida) or by calling (310)594-7802 (our skype number).  We will also do our best to check voicemail at the store whenever possible.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding… see you guys when we get back.  I promise to take lots of pictures and video again this year.

-Jon and Sara

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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