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We need your help (read:opinion)

I was hoping you guys could help us out... here are a few questions i have for everyone here...

First... on the subject of videos

What, if any, subjects do you guys think we are missing in our youtube video series?
I've got a list of things i want to get around to as soon as i have time, but its always helpful to hear from you guys since i dont always run into the same problems anymore.

And second, on our product lineup

We constantly have new product lines in various stages of development and testing.  I have some interesting things i'm currently working on, but i was wondering what gaps you guys see in our product lineup?  What kinds of things would you like to see in the future from us?
We cant promise anything, but most of the time we do our best to make things like this happen.  Our product development tends to take a bit longer than some of our competitors, but this is because i spend so much time testing and revising before i'm happy with what we have.  For anyone that's been here to our store, i'm sure you've seen all of the prototypes we have here... both knives and stones.  Again, we're constantly going through this process, but i was hoping you all might have some more insight into what would be interesting/fun/useful.

Thanks so much.

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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