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Looking for knives in all the wrong places

So the knifenuts out there know the places to look for knives... Osaka, Sakai, Echizen, Niigata, Sanjo, Tokyo, etc.  We all know those places. And the knives that come from those places are often of great quality. Cool. Nice. But it's been done. We can get many of those knives now from anywhere in the world. So who cares? Don't get me wrong... I still like them. Those cities have awesome knives. Aritsugu, Masamoto, Blazen, Suisin, Nenohi. They rock. But I want to do something different.  I want to bring people things they can't get elsewhere. Knives from provinces like Yamagata, Akita, Itwate, Utsunomiya, and Kagawa.  Do you know these places? I think not. So I am on a quest to find out if these places produce high quality kitchen knives. And, if they do, I will bring those knives to you. Something different. Something fresh. Something you can't get anywhere else.

So wait patiently, because I am working as hard as I can to bring the far corners of Japan to YOU.

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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