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Placing Our First Order

Yesterday, we placed our first order for knives... Well, kind of. We sent e-mails to a bunch of to some of the makers we have been talking to. Now we are just waiting to hear back. Hopefully this week! However, we realized a few things along the way.

First, many Japanese knife makers will only sell to you if they know you and have met you. I guess we'll be going to Japan sooner than expected.

Second, people from Tokyo tend to be very rude in business negotiations. Really. Try and ask them for information and they just tell you to place an order already. No answers.

Third, people from the Kansai area really think about money all day. A common greeting is, "How's business?" To which someone might answer, "Well... so so." Really? How is that a greeting? In Japanese it sounds even better...「儲かりまっかぁ?(Mokari makka?)」「ぼちぼちでんなぁー。(Bochi bochi denna.)」

Anyways, we hope to get back to you soon with more info about what will be coming in on our first orders. Now... to start planning that trip to Japan.

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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