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Tochiku no Oshigoto

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  • 屠畜のお仕事 Tochiku no Oshigoto

    The author of this book, Yutaka Tochigi, was the former president of the Shibaura Slaughterhouse Union. As slaughterhouses and the people that work in them have traditionally been and continue to be discriminated against as part of Japan's untouchables class, this book was written as a way for people to see and understand the work that occurs at a slaughterhouse and to change peoples' perceptions. The book is filled with information on& beef and pork slaughtering techniques from start to finish, as well as information on different breeds. The Japanese text is accompanied by hand drawings that are descriptive without being too graphic for younger audiences.

    * This book is Japanese language only.


    • Length: 211mm
    • Width: 148mm
    • Height: 14mm
    • Weight: 326g

Category: Books, Under $100

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