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Stone Bridge

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  • This is an upgrade to the stone bridge we've been using for a long time now, and the upgrades have made it much nicer to use.  It fits perfectly into hotel pans (often used by professional chefs), and may work on some smaller sinks.  I use mine with a lexan cambro container like this one: Cambro Clear Food Pan.  This bridge is adjustable from 230mm-270mm if used flat and 260mm-300mm if used with the decline attachment (which is how I use it).  You can see me using this (or the older version of this) in a number of our youtube videos.  One of the things that is important to note when using this bridge is that is should be used near the right or left side of your container to minimize wobble.  The other thing that is important to note is that while this fits perfectly into hotel pans and hotel pan sized containers, it does not always fit in sinks, nor is it designed to do so (in fact, it was designed to fit with a very specific type of Japanese container that is commonly found across Japan... it just happens to be about the same size as a hotel pan).


    Unlike the previous version, this upgraded one can also double as a normal stone holder by itself. It comes with rubber feet (which can be removed), and a rubber mat/cover. These tiny adjustments have turned this into a much more versatile accessory than its previous version. I have also found this new version to be much more stable and retain its size settings much better.


    I use this bridge together with my stone holder, though you could easily just put a damp towel on top of it or just use the rubber mat that is included, and work with it that way.

      • Length: 298mm
      • Height: 381mm
      • Width: 145mm

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