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Leather Strop Kit

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  • The Leather Strop Kit includes a hanging double-sided leather strop, a stick of green compound, and a hand polishing device with a felt pad. Originally, this was introduced to me as a way to use a pull-through sharpener and still get an effective edge for people that weren't interested in learning how to sharpen. However, in testing it out over the better part of a year, it ended up being a very effective tool for finishing edges. Not everyone will like the edge feel after a strop, as it tends to be a little bit more smooth. However, for those who like it, this is a really easy device to use. All you have to do is hang it on something stable, pull the other end to keep the strop taught, and use edge trailing strokes across the leather. You can use it with or without the green compound. However, these devices tend to be significantly more effective when loaded up with some kind of compound.

    The felt polishing block can also be loaded up with the compound for your various polishing tasks. Additionally, the felt can be used for burr removal if you so choose.

    We have tested this on a wide variety of blades, and a wide variety of steels, as well as following various sharpening methods. I was truly shocked to see the kind of edge that would result from a pull-through sharpener followed up by this. I don't recommend pull-through sharpeners, but the results were still surprising. If you're looking for an easy to use strop, this might be a good fit.

      • Leather Length: 550mm
      • Leather Width: 50mm

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