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Large Stone Holder

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  • The Large Stone Holder is exactly the same as the one we include with our Stone Holder With Base product, however, in this case, it is just the Stone Holder being sold.  This is a large rubber holder that features one screw.  In our experience, the one screw setup is much easier to deal with than 2, and provides equal stability and security.  This stone holder is also larger than many other stone holders on the market, and thus will be able to fit larger stones and stones with bases (from about 150mm to 250mm).  Also, because of its size, and the type of rubber used, this stone holder is very resistant to slipping when used on its own (i.e. it doesn't slide around because the rubber has a nice tack to it).  This stone holder works exceptionally well with our stone bridge or sink bridge.

    The stone holder can exhibit a strong rubber smell in the beginning, but this does go away with some time.  Washing can also help.

      • Length: 320mm
      • Height: 36mm
      • Width: 86mm

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