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Gesshin Uraku 180mm White #2 Left-Handed Kamagata Usuba

  • Our Gesshin Uraku line represents a great value in kitchen cutlery. For a long time, we have been searching for a line of single bevel knives with a great balance of quality and value. We’ve finally found them. This Gesshin Uraku line fits the bill perfectly. These knives are made of white #2 steel with a kasumi finish. They come with ho wood octagonal handles and matching ho wood saya. Unlike many low-cost single bevel knives, these ones are very well finished and have significantly fewer problems than lower cost knives (all knives have some imperfections…even high-end knives…but these have less high and low spots, less sharp non-cutting edges, less prevalence of wavy backs, less prevalence of torsional twisting, etc.). The handles on these knives come with either black, marble, or blonde buffalo horn. We cannot take specific requests, but feel free to check with us about what we have in stock.

    These knives are great for beginners and for professionals looking for a great, functional work knife.  We hope you enjoy this line from Gesshin Uraku. 

    • Knife Type: Usuba/Kamagata Usuba
    • Steel Type: White #2 Carbon
    • Handle Type: Octagonal Ho Wood
    • Construction Type: Carbon Clad
    • Hand Orientation: Left-Handed
    • Handle Length: 133mm
    • Handle Height: 25.65mm
    • Handle Width: 20.66mm
    • Handle to Tip Length: 185mm
    • Heel to Tip Length: 172mm
    • Width of Spine at Middle: 3.41mm
    • Width of Spine 1cm from the Tip: 1.92mm
    • Width of Spine at Handle: 4.5mm
    • Width of Spine above Heel: 4.48mm
    • Blade Thickness 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge: 3.25mm
    • Blade Height at Heel: 45mm
    • Weight: 183g

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