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Gesshin Stone Set

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  • This Gesshin stone set consists of the stones I recommend most often for the most versatility within our Gesshin stone series.  Our customers have been asking for a stone set to be put together for quite some time, and so we figured we'd give it a shot.  This set will cover both single and double bevel knives well, leave a nice aesthetic finish, cut fast, and work on all steel types that I have tried.  These stones work extremely well together and should provide you with a great sharpening experience.


    We hope you enjoy our Gesshin stone set.



  • CARE AND MAINTENANCE: The Gesshin 400, 2000, and 6000s are soaking stones and thus need to be soaked before use.  Soak for 5 - 10 minutes or until the bubbles stop rising from the stone. 

    • Grit Level: Stone Set
  • Gesshin 400 Grit Stone
    • Length: 205mm
    • Height: 23mm
    • Width: 73mm
    • Weight: 849g
    Gesshin 2000 Grit Stone
    • Length: 207mm
    • Height: 26mm
    • Width: 77mm
    • Weight: 803g
    Gesshin 6000s Stone
    • Length: 208mm
    • Height: 23mm
    • Width: 74mm
    • Weight: 644g

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