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Gesshin Polishing Stone

  • The Gesshin Polishing Stone is a very high grit (in the 10k range) resinoid based stone with a white alumina oxide abrasive.   This stone is on the hard side, very fast cutting, and leaves a nice smooth and even finish. This stone is designed to leave a very bright mirror finish on wide bevel knives. We use this prior to applying a kasumi finish (with things like fingerstones, mud, etc.) in order to achieve a bright edge and great contrast. The sole purpose of this stone is to create an extremely bright and even finish, but may be too fine for the edges of kitchen knives. It can also be used on straight razors, chisels, and planes.

    Like all resinoid based stones, this stone needs to be cared for carefully, especially when considering drying.  Resinoid based stones are not very porous, which often causes them to be marketed as splash-and-go.  However, some water does soak in.  My preference is to soak this stone permanently, as soaking helps soften the stone, increases cutting speed, and reducing loading on the stone surface.  If you do soak the stone, or if you think any water has soaked in, and you decided you want to dry the stone out for any reason, you will need to make sure the stone dries as slowly as possible, to help make sure the outer part of the stone does not dry more quickly than the inner part of the stone.  Making sure the stone dries in a cool, well ventilated, dry area, out of direct sunlight is best.  It also helps to wrap the stone with a damp towel to slow the drying process further.  If unaccounted for, drying too quickly can cause cracks to develop in the stone. If cracks do develop, mounting the stone to a base can help extend the life of your stone.

    • Grit Level: Super Fine
    • Length: 205mm
    • Height: 25mm
    • Width: 75mm
    • Weight: 755g

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