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Gesshin 600 No-Soak Splash and Go Stone

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  • The Gesshin™ 600 Grit Sharpening Stone is a very different kind of stone from most that I have seen on the market.  These stones are entirely splash and go... they require no soak whatsoever.  Just a splash of water and they are ready to go.  In fact, its very important that these stones are not soaked, as they will fall apart.  You will notice that the stones are lacquered on all sides but one.  The non-lacquered surface is usable surface (the opposite side from where our logo is).  Because of the way these stones are bound together, they are a bit more brittle than the other stones we have in stock.  It is very important to round the corners of the stone before and after flattening to prevent chipping along the edges.  Initially, the stone surface will show some small pock marks and swirly textures.  It is not necessary to completely flatten this all out, though it will eventially flatten out over time.

    We highly recommend flattening the stone before initial use.  The top layer of the stone needs to be removed for peak performance.  This can be done by either flattening or using the stone until that layer is gone.


    This stone makes an excellent daily medium grit stone.  It is fast cutting, slow to dish, and provides an excellent edge, with a solid amount of bite.  The polish this stone leaves also looks like a much higher grit than the 600 grit would suggest (the edge is, however, clearly 600 grit in feeling).  It leaves a little bit of contrast, with nice color, and the scratch pattern is less visible than one might expect for this grit.  The alumina based abrasive works well on a wide variety of steels.  The surface of the stone will look as if it is loading up while sharpening (i.e. it becomes blackish), but as you add water, you will notice that the stone does not load as it cuts.

    • Grit Level: medium
    • Length: 204mm
    • Height: 32mm
    • Width: 64mm
    • Weight: 949g

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