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Diamond 1000/6000 Double-Sided Stone

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  • This diamond stone set includes 1x 1000/6000 grit diamond double-sided stone and 1x stone holder.  These stones are true splash-and-go stones that work well on every type of steel we have tried.  One of the things we enjoy about these stones when compared to similar diamond stones is that they provide better tactile feedback in use, although they are a bit harder and glassier in feel than the single stones themselves. They are extremely slow to dish (I've flattened mine about once per year of use) and leave smooth and even finishes. The edge from the 6000 grit has pretty close to what I consider to be a perfect amount of bite for kitchen use, while the 1000 grit stone is fast enough to take over most of your coarse stone duties (aside from major repairs). Unlike the diamond stone kits, they do not come with nagura stones, although the Extra Coarse/Coarse Nagura that is sold separately can be used from time to time to help expose fresh abrasive on the stone surface, recondition the stones when they load up with particulate, and can also be used to wear down high spots to help level the stone. 

    • Grit Level: Medium and Fine
    • Length: 200mm
    • Height: 74mm
    • Width: 16mm
    • Weight: 1272g (with base), 683g (without base)

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