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Gesshin Tsukasa Kurouchi Damascus Wa-Kugi Set

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  • This is a set of 3 types of traditional Japanese nails, made from the same twisted damascus material Hinoura-san uses in his high-end knives.  Sanjo, the city in which he resides, is famous for making these traditional types of nails, which are used in the reconstruction of temples and shrines.  Every few years, the younger craftsmen from the area come together to make tons of these nails for use in these temples and shrines.  Hinoura-san and I share a deep interest in these kinds of traditions.  We had a great idea to have him make nails like these, but when we went to talk to him about it, he had thought of the same thing around the same time already.  It seems like these were destined to be.  While they are functional and can be used, we had them made with the intention of being artistic pieces.


    The three types of nails are Makigashira Kugi (the one with the rolled top), Kaiore Kugi (the one with the bent top), and Kakuatama Kugi (the one with the square top).


    These are carbon steel, and can rust if not cared for properly.  We recommend using renaissance wax or a similar protectant if you intend to leave these out on display.  We will make sure they have a protective coating before shipping as well.

    • Traditional hand forged Japanese nails
      • Makigashira-
      • Kaiore-
      • Kakuatama-

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