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Introducing Gesshin Kagero

Introducing Gesshin Kagero... the first powdered steel knife in the Japanese Knife Imports lineup. Check out the sweet knife cases these guys come with.

From the Product Description:
"Gesshin Kagero knives are constructed with a stainless powdered steel core and softer stainless cladding. They have very good edge retention and take a very good edge. These knives have a really nice distal taper, rounded spine and choil, and good edge geometry. They are not as brittle as some other powdered steels, such as SG1 or SG2, but have equal (and sometimes better edge retention). They are also pretty easy to sharpen.

Each Gesshin Kagero knife comes with a padded knife case for you to store and transport your knife. Please use some kind of edge guard or sheath inside of the padded knife case."

You can also buy the padded knife cases separately here:

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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