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Tokeido Beer Mug Large Goma (Spotty) No. 8

  • Tokeido - The six families of the Bizen Kilns

    Bizen pottery is one of the six traditional types of pottery coming from the kilns of medieval Japan (Bizen, Echizen, Seto, Shigaraki, Tanba, and Tokoname). Tokeido has kept the traditional Bizen pottery-making techniques that originated in the Heian Era (roughly a 1000-year period beginning in 794 AD). The traditional approach excludes glazing and utilizes a 2-week-long firing process relying solely on red pine as fuel. The clay is dug up from the soil of the rice fields in the nearby area. The Tokeido kiln has been passed down within Kimura family for 18 generations. This pottery is made by the Kimura family- one of the original "Six Families" who were exclusively permitted to create Bizen style pottery in the Muromachi Era by the master of Tea Ceremony (or local lord). Furthermore, the Kimura family has been a purveyor to the Imperial Household Ministry, and the Ceremonial Agency. At JKI, we carry art pieces by Tozan Kimura (the 17th generation) as well as work by his son, Hideaki Kimura (the 18th generation).

    We handpicked pieces that exhibit a beautiful natural ash glaze. The gradual color differences are a function of the placement of each pieces within the kiln- determined by their distance to from and exposure to the fire. You can also see the shadows from other pieces surrounding it. As such, each piece is unique and features one-of-a-kind patterns and colors.


    *The photos are indicative of the general look of these, but, as there are many samples, there may be a slight variation from product to product

    • Product Type: Beer Mug
    • Material Type: Earthenware
    • Artist: Tokeido Kiln
    • Top Diameter: 79mm
    • Bottom Diameter: 62mm
    • Height: 116mm
    • Weight: 187g

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