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Hiden Hamo Ryori

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  • 秘傳鱧料理 Hiden Hamo Ryori

    This is an extremely dense and informative book about "hamo" - daggertooth pike conger - and how it is used in Japanese cuisine. Hamo is an eel that is notoriously complicated to prepare due to the sheer number of small bones in the body that are difficult to remove and are generally cut finely with a speciality knife called a hamokiri bocho. The book starts with an introduction to different seasonal dishes made from hamo, then displays a large variety of preparation methods, and finishes with commentary on the history of hamo-based cuisine.

    * This book is Japanese language only.


    • Length: 256mm
    • Width: 197mm
    • Height: 31mm
    • Weight: 1228g

Category: Books, Under $100

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