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Hand Forged Stainless Fish Tweezers - Large

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  • As many of you know, we are constantly searching across Japan for the best products and craftsmen that are exceptional at what they do.  For a long time, we had been hearing about amazing fish tweezers from chefs in Japan.  We went in search of the best ones we cound find and what found was beyond what we could have imagined.  These fish tweezers are entirely hand forged, hand shaped, and finished, going through at least 17 stages of work before completion.  They are simply the best.  They have great balance, great spring, the tips are perfectly gound so as not to cut the fish bones.  Also, after years of use, these can be fixed and readjusted, so they will last a lifetime.


    Notes on Care:

    These fish tweezers are all hand-forged, ground, sharpened and sanded by a very experienced craftsman.  When used appropriately, they can last life-time.  

    When used for a long time, they can collect some oil/fat content on the ends and can become slippery.  In these cases, use the tweezers to pinch a soft towel and pull through in order to clean the fish tweezers.   Please avoid using any coarse or abrasive materials, including harder textiles/towels and sand paper (they can scratch and damage the tips).  
      • Length: 153mm
      • Width at tip: 19mm
      • Weight: 66g

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