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Ginsai Hachi "Chokai"

  • These glasses are made near the lake Tokurako in Obanazawa, Yamagata, Japan. This glass studio is located in Japanese "snow country" in the North - in winter when you look outside, it's all silvery-white snow outside, and nothing else is visible.  The summers are bright and very hot. This beautifully rich scenery, and the surrounding nature, inspire the craftsman. Ito-san hopes to reflect this nature and the kind, thoughtful people of the area in his art pieces, while preserving the "snow silver" pattern technique, for which he is known, in his hand-blown glass.

    This bowl shows the studio's unique "snow white" effect on their glassware - it has a touch of silver/white on the forest green. Known to be culturally and religiously rich in history, Mt. Chokai is the tallest mountain in the region. This ginsai hachi chokai piece reflects the stunning beauty of the mountain.

    *these glasses are NOT dishwasher safe.

    • Product Type: Glass Bowl
    • Material Type: Hand Blown Glass
    • Artist: Naoto Ito
    • Top Diameter: 175mm
    • Bottom Diameter: 80mm
    • Height: 75mm
    • Weight: 513g

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