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Gesshin Synthetic Natural Finishing Stone

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  • The Gesshin Synthetic Natural Finishing Stone is a splash and go stone.  However, it works best when permanently soaked (or soaked for a long period of time... just be aware that this can cause issues when drying, as is the case for all resinoid based stones).  This stone is a medium hardness, relatively fast cutting, and leaves white-ish polished finish with very light and fine, but slightly visible scratches.  Because the stone is on the softer side, we increased the thickness.  It doesn't dish fast by any means, but it does dish faster than some other finishing stones we have (like the Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone).  We designed this stone to mimic the edge feel from natural finishing stones (like our takashima awasedo).  While it does an excellent job at this, it does not leave the same kind of aesthetic finish as natural stones, nor does it feel like a natural stone in use.  It has a creamy feel, though it provides very nice tactile feedback.  The stone can achieve some contrast on clad knives, depending on the type of cladding and core steel, but that is not its main strength.  The goal of this stone, which it achieves very well, is to provide an edge that offers a refined cut, but the tactile feedback of something like a 3000 grit stone (though the level of refinement is clearly higher overall in feel and use).  Because of the kind of edge it leaves, it tends to have a bit of impact on edge retention as well.  The stone combines different grits in a specific way to help for edges with different sized microscopic "teeth".  This is the result of quite a bit of testing and development over the course of about 2 years.  This stone easily cleans up scratches from medium grit stones (1k-2k), and some higher girt coarse stones (in the 600-800 grit range depending on the stone).  It can easily be used as a final finishing stone for a variety of applications from meat to veggies to fish.


    This stone can be soaked and stored in water for extended periods of time, but if you want to use it as a splash and go, between use, it should be allowed to dry in cool, well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.  Drying this stone too quickly can cause hairline cracks to form.  If you do want to dry out the stone, wrapping it with a damp cloth to slow the drying process works well.

    • Grit Level: fine
    • Length: 210mm
    • Height: 40mm
    • Width: 75mm
    • Weight: 1242g

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