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Gesshin 6000S Ceramic Stone

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  • In an effort to improve our current stone lineup, we have added the Gesshin 6000s.  This stone is a soaking stone, unlike our blue speckled Gesshin 6000.  The Gesshin 6000s is a bit softer feeling, and a lot more muddy.  It is a very fast cutting stone, even on wear resistant steels... faster than our other Gesshin 6000.  It leaves a semi-bright mirror-like finish, though the aesthetic finish is a bit less bright and smooth than our blue speckled Gesshin 6000.  This stone has a creamy, yet connected feel, and works well on both double and single bevel knives, in terms of ease of use.  Think of this as a lower grit version of our Gesshin 8000.

    • Grit Level: Fine
    • Length: 208mm
    • Height: 23mm
    • Width: 74mm
    • Weight: 644g

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