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Flitz Metal Polish - 906g Can

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  • Flitz is a metal polish we enjoy for patina and rust removal.  What is great about metal polishes like this is that they can be used on mirror-finished knives, damascus knives, kurouchi knives, etc. without having a significant impact on the overall look unlike rust erasers, BKF, sandpaper, etc.  While they are not as aggressive as abrasive means, they work quite well, are easy to use, and are faster than you would expect.  They can even be used for daily maintenance of carbon steel blades.  In addition to your knives (both stainless and carbon), they can be used on pots, pans, other metal objects (silverware, jewelry), and even things like fiberglass. 

    To use this, apply a tiny bit to a cotton pad, soft towel, or similar, spread over the surface you intend to clean, and, with a bit of elbow grease, rub until you start to see the patina or rust come off.  Once it's mostly off, switch to a new pad or clean section of your towel, and continue to buff until the surface looks clean and shiny.  You can apply this multiple times if necessary. For easy cleanup, it helps to do this with the object on a paper towel.  Also, when working near the edge, rotate the edge into the paper towel a bit, so as not to risk cutting yourself.  Prior to using the knife with food, please make sure to clean it well with soap and water.

    • Height: 12.5cm
    • Width: 10.5cm
    • Weight: 906g

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