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Gesshin 220 Ceramic Stone

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  • The Gesshin™ 220 Grit Sharpening Stone is a VERY coarse stone for major repairs, thinning, and removing large chips.  I have been using this stone for about 2 years and have finally decided to add it to our Gesshin lineup.  It works well on all types of steel I have tested it on, from simple carbon steels to the most high-tech and hard stainless steels.  It cuts very quickly and has great feeling and feedback.  It is a bit softer, so it can dish, but relative to its cutting speed, I have not seen this as much of a problem.  It is possible to jump to a middle grit stone from this stone, but I recommend using something like the Gesshin 400 following this.  This stone needs to be soaked at least 15 minutes before use.  I leave mine in water all of the time, so it is ready to go whenever I need it.  If you do leave your stone in water, please change the water regularly.  When drying out this stone or any others, do so out of the sunlight in a well-ventilated area.


    • Grit Level: coarse
    • Length: 205mm
    • Height: 50mm
    • Width: 75mm
    • Weight: 1664g

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