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Knife Sharpening has resumed in a limited manner
Email us for avaliability of major repairs (thinning, refinishing, etc.)

Custom Saya making services are suspended for the moment

*Free Shipping on Domestic Orders over $100…Want us to take care of initial sharpening? Just ask.

A few quick site updates

First off, thanks to everyone that has taken the time to look at the site and give us feedback. I cant tell you how much I appreciate it. We have made some changed based on your feedback. First, we added Sara's bio... finally. We also put up a picture of Sara and I, so you have faces to connect to the names. Then, we changed the spacing on the "About Japanese Knives" page to hopefully make it easier to read. I think that page is great. We read a number of books and articles, and hoped that the information we found there would help people better understand the knives we will be selling. Z Knives also does a great job at describing knives and knife shapes, but we thought it would be nice to have that page with solid references listed. We also fixed a problem with some of the in-page links. Most of the links on the site were light blue (or light green if you had visited it already). But for whatever reason (most likely my shoddy coding), the in-page links were showing up as regular blue (and red) links. They were hard to read. Sorry about that.  We changed them today to reflect the colors of the links the rest of the site uses.

If you see anything else you think should be changed or fixed, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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