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Getting started

Welcome to Japanese Knife Imports (A Division of J Broida Company). While we are getting everything setup, let me take this time to tell you a little about us.  We are a small company... well pretty much a husband and wife team. Our goal is to make high quality Japanese knives from small makers available to you, outside of Japan. Here's a little about how we got started with this.

I majored in Asian Studies at Colorado College, but before I graduated, I decided that i wanted to give the restaurant business a shot. On my breaks from school, I interned at various fine dining restaurants in Los Angeles as a cook. Eventually, people started paying to cook, and I stuck with it for a while.  I have worked at some very highly regarded restaurants in the Los Angeles area, as well as in Japan and Italy (at a one star Michelin restaurant). While in Japan, I learned about Japanese kitchen knives... the different kinds, how to use them, and how to care for them. Up until that point, the best knife I had ever used was a MAC (which is worlds better than the german knives most cooks are using). My chef in Japan bought me a Masamoto knife (a carbon knife, the likes of which i never had used before). From that point I have never looked back. Over the years, I have tried many knives and waterstones, and experimented with many cutting and sharpening techniques. Now I would like to share my experience with you.

Jonathan Broida
Jonathan Broida


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