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Gonbei 240mm Hammered Damascus Wa-Gyuto

Gonbei 240mm Hammered Damascus Wa-Gyuto


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Gonbei 240mm Hammered Damascus Wa-Gyuto

Our Gonbei Hammered Damascus series are stainless steel (Swedish stainless steel). They come with ichii octagon handles and are double bevel knives that can be used by either right or left handed users. Like our Gesshin Uraku series, they are good workhorse knives... tough and durable, easy to sharpen, and good edge retention. While not super thin, like our Gesshin Ginga line, they are by no means thick knives. We recommend these to professional cooks and home cooks alike as a good all-around knife.

Gonbei 240mm Hammered Damascus Wa-Gyuto with Ichii Octagon Handle


Weight 162
Handle Length 140
Handle Height 27.11
Handle Width 22.25
Handle to Tip Length 257
Heel to Tip Length 245
Blade Height at Heel 50
Blade Thickness at 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge 3.35
Width of Spine at Middle 2.36
Width of Spine Above Heel 2.12
Width of Spine at Handle 2.35
Width of Spine about 1cm from the tip 0.85