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Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone

Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone


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Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone

The Gesshin 6000 Grit stone is a splash and go stone.  However, it works best after a quick 1-2 minute soak.  This stone is medium hard, relatively fast cutting, and leaves a very nice polish.  It also resists dishing very well.  The edge has a good amount of bite for kitchen use, but is not overly toothy or agressive.  This stone is great for uraoshi sharpening and koba (microbevels).  It cuts well on all kinds of steel i have tested it on, from white steel to ZDP-189.  It works best when you allow the togidoro (mud and swarf from sharpening) to build up a tiny bit.  This stone easily cleans up scratches from medium grit stones (1k-2k), and i have even used it directly from a 600 grit stone before with no trouble.


This stone can be stored in water, but if you want to use it as a splash and go, between use, it should be allowed to dry in cool, well ventilated area away from direct sunlight.  Drying this stone too quickly can cause hairline cracks to form.

Gesshin 6000 Splash-and-Go Stone


Width 75
Height 25
Length 210
Weight 795