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Gesshin 2000 Grit Stone

Gesshin 2000 Grit Stone


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Gesshin 2000 Grit Stone

The Gesshin™ 2000 Grit Sharpening Stone is a truly amazing naka toishi (middle sharpening stone).  Like this rest of the Gesshin™ stones, I have been testing this one for quite some time now.  This may be one of the most impressive stones out of all of the ones I tested.  It has amazing feedback, it extremely fast cutting, is not too hard for kitchen knives, leaves a very good finish, and resists dishing well.  Like the Gesshin™ 400, this stone works well on all kinds of steel, from simple carbon to high tech powdered stainless.  This stone can be used as your only middle grit stone with no trouble.  You can easily jump from a coarse grit stone to this one, and, when you’ve finished sharpening on this stone, the jump to a finishing stone is pretty quick as well.  This is THE stone I use for everyday sharpening and minor repairs.  This stone needs to be soaked at least 15 minutes before use (30 or more is ideal).  I leave mine in water all of the time, so it is ready to go whenever I need it.  If you do leave your stone in water, please change the water regularly.  When drying out this stone or any others, do so out of the sunlight in a well-ventilated area.


Gesshin 2000 Grit Stone

Please soak this stone for at least 15 minutes prior to use.  It can be left in water permanently as well.  When drying out this stone or any others, do so out of the sunlight in a well-ventilated area.




Width 75
Height 25
Length 205
Weight 802