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Suisin Hayate 300mm B #2 Yanagiba with Ebony Handle(in Wood box)

  •  The Hayate series was originally developed by Suisin to showcase the work of Kejiro Doi, an extremely talented blacksmith from Sakai.  His work has been in demand for years, but sadly, he retired a couple of years ago.  We've been sitting on some old stock, forged by the retired master.  Knives by Kejiro Doi-san are very rare nowadays... especially brand new ones.  These were also sharpened by Yukinori Oda, another retired master craftsman from Sakai.  The Hayate series comes with ebony octagon handles and a kiri wood display box.  These knives are extremely rare nowadays, and feature the work of two extremely well known and well respected craftsmen, both of whom are now retired and not producing new works.

    Doi-san's work is known for its toughness, ease of sharpening, resistance to warping, and edge retention. When ordering from craftsmen, it's possible to ask for different levels of work, but this series represents both craftsman's highest end work.

    • Knife Type: Yanagiba
    • Steel Type: Carbon
    • Handle Type: Ebony Octagon
    • Construction Type: Clad
    • Hand Orientation: Right Handed
    • Handle Length: 147mm
    • Handle Height: 26mm
    • Handle Width: 21mm
    • Handle to Tip Length: 305mm
    • Heel to Tip Length: 292mm
    • Width of Spine at Middle: 3.53mm
    • Width of Spine 1cm from the Tip: 1.37mm
    • Width of Spine at Handle: 4.50mm
    • Width of Spine above Heel: 4.40mm
    • Blade Thickness 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge: 4.16mm
    • Blade Height at Heel: 35mm
    • Weight: 255g

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