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Phoenix Knife House Strop Kit

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  • Our friends at Phoenix Knife House have put this kit together for us. Using leather and felt to strop on can be very helpful in removing burrs and getting clean edges. Though it is not necessary as part of a sharpening setup, it can be an easy way to improve results. This set includes a wood base, leather strop, felt pad, and 1 micron diamond spray. The wood base features a magnetic strop, which allows for the strop and felt pad to be changed out easily. The leather strop and felt pad feature a metal backing, which helps prevent warping over time, keeps the surfaes firm, and is easy to use with the magnetic wood base. The 1 micron diamond spray is designed to be used with either the felt, leather, or both. It is a suspension, but requires shaking before use. Make sure to shake well and check to see if the bottle is well mixed before using.

    • Grit Level:Super Fine for finishing
    • Length: 270mm
    • Height: 23-25mm
    • Width: 76mm

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