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Monzento (Small)

  • This Monzento is reddish-brown with a few blue streaks running across the surface that become more visible when wet. It's a bit finer than the other monzento we currently have and fits right around the 2000 grit range. It's softer and creamier than the medium and large monzento and provides higher contrast with a darker kasumi. It's not porous like the others and holds a decent amount of water on the surface. While the narrow size of the stone can work for kitchen knives, we can see it being useful for chisels and other woodworking tools.

    As an added pleasure, this stone releases a strong and pleasant fragrance when used. It's earthy, wet, and mineral-rich in the smell.

    Natural stones from this region are rich in silica, which acts as a main abrasive. The potential finish can improve with extended sharpening, with results depending on the stone hardness, the pressure you use during sharpening, water, etc.

    This stone should be used like a splash and go stone... add just enough water to lubricate the surface, but not too much. The goal is to develop mud, so keeping the surface very wet is prohibitive to mud development.

    • Grit Level: medium
    • Length: 195mm
    • Height: 60mm
    • Width: 45mm
    • Weight: 1192g

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