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  • Monzento is a medium grit natural stone. It is similar to Aoto, but a little softer and more muddy in general. The finish is about 3000-4000 grit and is leaves a very even finish with great contrast. Some knives, such as deba, can be finished on this stone. In my personal sharpening lineup, I use a stone like this on almost all wide bevel and/or single bevel knives. I usually follow this up with a finishing stone. I have found it to be one of the most useful stones for single bevel and wide bevel sharpening.

    *The stone pictured is just a sample.  Actual stones will vary in size, shape, color, etc.

    • Grit Level: medium
    • Length: 203mm
    • Height: 76mm
    • Width: 73mm
    • Weight: 2246g

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