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Gesshin Hokubo 210mm Katsuo Bocho with Wajima Mame Kanna Handle (Red)

  • Gesshin Hokubo 210mm Katsuo Bocho with Wajima Mame Kannna Handle (Red)



    The Gesshin Hokubo knives represent some of the best of Tosa Uchihamono.  These knives are blue #2 steel clad with soft iron.  The concept behind the Gesshin Hokubo knives is to showcase some of the finest Tosa Uchihamono works with artistic flair in a collaboration work between Tosa blacksmiths and very talented qualified lacquer ware craftsmen from various places across Japan.  Each piece has been custom ordered to our specifications. The handles are all lacquer ware and come with metal ferrules.


    Wajima nuri is one of the oldest and most famous of the Japanese traditional crafts. The dimpled texture in the handle is hand-carved by a small chisel called mame kanna, and then rubbed vigorously with lacquer.  These handles are extremely labor intensive to make.  The texture and surface dimples give a comfortable grip and a very unique look to the handles.

    • Knife Type: Specialty Knife
    • Steel Type: Carbon
    • Handle Type: Special
    • Construction Type: Clad
    • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
    • Handle Length: 142mm
    • Handle Height: 28.63mm
    • Handle Width: 20.63mm
    • Handle to Tip Length: 243mm
    • Heel to Tip Length: 225mm
    • Width of Spine at Middle: 3.16mm
    • Width of Spine 1cm from the Tip: 2.67mm
    • Width of Spine at Handle: 4.43mm
    • Width of Spine above Heel: 4.17mm
    • Blade Thickness 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge: 3.64mm
    • Blade Height at Heel: 33mm
    • Weight: 231g

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