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Limited Store Hours/Change of Schedule

Please note the change to our store hours from October 1st-31st:

For the month of October, Japanese Knife Imports will remain open, but the schedule will be slightly altered.  In addition to our normal day off on Thursday, we will also be closed on Sunday.  This change is only for the month of October.  See below for our schedule and hours:

During the month of October, Jonathan and Sara (the owners) will be returning to Japan for their annual business trip.  While they are there, they will be meeting with the craftsmen we currently work with, some new prospective craftsmen we are interested in possibly doing business with, and Jonathan will continue to train under the various craftsmen he trains under each year.  This is the first year the store will be open while they are gone.

The store will be run by Josh and Sumiko for the entire month, and Sam will be coming in periodically to take care of sharpening.  There should be no change to our normal shipping timeframe, but sharpening may be a bit slower with just one person handling it.  Additionally, some more complicated sharpening Jobs may be declined while Jonathan is out of town.  Please check with the store first before dropping off any sharpening work.  Sam has been training with us for about 3 years and is a very capable sharpener whom we obviously trust enough to take care of sharpening while we are gone.

Jonathan and Sara will be checking e-mails regularly while in Japan, so if there are any questions that Josh, Sumiko, or Sam are unable to answer, feel free to contact us (if they haven't already).

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding, and we are looking forward to seeing you in November when we return from Japan.

-Jon and Sara

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