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Ashiya Suita

  • This Ashiya Suita measures 218mm x 80mm x 55mm and weighs 2314g.  It is a medium hardness stone that cuts fast and works up a decent amount of mud.  It is a finishing stone for knives.  The stone leaves a nice polish on harder steel and a mellow white-ish haze on softer steel.

    This stone was very fast cutting.  It worked well on everything I tested on it.  It seemed to leave a nicer polish than the other suita, and left a nice white contrast, though a bit on the subtle side.  This stone was a medium hardness stone, working up thick mud very quickly.  The feeling was creamy and smooth with very nice tactile feedback.  I should also mention that this is a very LARGE stone.  All in all, a pleasure to use.

    • Grit Level: super fine
    • Length: 207mm
    • Height: 46mm
    • Width: 76mm
    • Weight: 1656g

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