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Beer Mug- Tall (Style 2)

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  • These yakishime beer cups from Gesshin Gama were created by Sachi Motomura in Yamagata (northern Japan).  They were fired in an anagama kiln, a very old style of wood burning kiln.  Each one is hand made and unique (for the pictures, we picked ones that best represented the style and series, though the actual one you receive may differ slightly from the picture).  The texture of the yakishime pottery produces a large amount of very fine bubbles when used with carbonated beverages.  In my experience, this helps create a stronger aroma and a more pronounced flavor.  However, for people that prefer less bubbles (head), this may not be the best fit.  This size beer cup is common in Japan, as people often share large bottles of beer.  I also like to use mine for non-carbonated beverages.  These are approximately 4in tall.

    These cups are not dishwasher safe, and should be carefully washed by hand.  Please do not place them in the microwave, oven, on the stove, etc.  As they are handmade pottery, please use care when handling them, as they can be brittle.

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