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Ashiya Suita


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Ashiya Suita

This Ashiya Suita measures 205mm x 75mm x 45mm and weighs 1662g.  It is a medium hardness stone that cuts fast and works up a decent amount of mud.  It is a finishing stone for knives.  The stone leaves a nice polish on harder steel and a mellow white-ish haze on softer steel.

This is one of the most enjoyable stones i've used in a while, and very closely resembles my favorite suita (personal collection) in terms of cutting speed, finish, and feeling while sharpening.  The contrast had a bit more darkness to it and was very nice and even.  The stone cut very quickly on everything I tested on it, working up a very thick mud.  It is a medium hardness, leaving little to no streaking around the curves of bevels.  All in all, just a great stone and a pleasure to use.  If i didnt already have one very similar to this, I would be keeping this one.

Ashiya Suita


Width 79
Height 53
Length 218
Weight 2307