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Gesshin Heiji 150mm Kurouchi Damascus Semi-Stainless Wa-Petty

  • The Gesshin Heiji Kurouchi Damascus Semi-Stainless series had been in development for over a year before the final products were ready to go.  Nakaya Heiji has spent a lot of time working on the heat treatment and finish on these knives.  The steel sharpens very easily, takes a great edge, and has very good edge retention, not unlike the rest of their knives.  The spine tapers nicely from the heel to the tip and these knives are quite thin behind the edge.  This kurouchi damascus pattern is not as loud or outstated as many others that are being made now days.  Its more subtle.  The damascus comes through in the kurouchi finish like a coppery water ripple-like under the black surface.  The damascus on the edge is likewise subtle, yet elegant.  Photos dont really do these knives justice, as the pattern is much more beautiful in person.  The Kurouchi Damascus series all come with octagon burnt chestnut handles (my personal favorite handles due to their weight and grip) and sandalwood sayas.


    As a semi-stainless steel, the core still will not react with acidic foods to change color, taste, and/or smell.  However, it will darken over time as the patina sets in.  In general, it resists rust well, but it sould be treated with care and not left wet or dirty.  Care for it as you might a carbon steel knife.


    • Knife Type: Petty
    • Steel Type: Semi-Stainless
    • Handle Type: Burnt Chestnut Octagon
    • Construction Type: Damascus
    • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

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