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Our Online Sharpening Seminars are aimed at providing a more interactive method of learning knife sharpening than our youtube videos offer.  We realize not everyone is close enough to our store to stop by for a sharpening class, so we decided to make this avaliable online.  The goal is that we can cover various topics and then allow for some Q&A with immediate and direct feedback.  In addition, participants can ask questions anywhere along the way as we demonstrate sharpening techniques.  So now, when you see something that doesnt quite make sense or you wish someone could explain, you can ask in realtime and get an asnwer.


Our seminars consist of 3 parts:

1.  A lecture covering the basic concepts of the subject at hand.

2.  A demonstration of the technique(s)

3.  A question and answer section where we can review some of the subjects we covered in more depth


Our next class (DATE TBD), we will do our Stone Primer and Stone Selection class.  In this class, we will cover the different types of stones that are out there, what their characteristics are, and how to choose the right stone for the job.  We will also talk about what it takes to build a solid sharpenign setup from start to finish.  In addition to this, we will talk about stone maintaninance and care, natural stones, and what kinds of techniques work best on each type of stone.  As always, we will end the class with a breif Q&A.


In the class following that (DATE TBD), we will hold our Tip Sharpening Class.  In this class, we will cover the concepts and movements involved in sharpening the tips of knives- specifically Japanese kitchen knives.  We will cover both single and double bevel knives.  In addition to the basic concetps, we will also demonstrate a couple of different methods for this kind of sharpening.  As always, we will end the class with a breif Q&A.


The next class, Stone Primer and Stone Selection, will take place on (DATE TBD). There will be slots for 6 people max in this class (to make it less confusing and easier for those participating). We will also have spots for 4 local people to come by the store and experience the seminar in person. You can signup anytime until (DATE TBD) for the class.  Following that, we will have our first Tip Sharpening class on DATE TBD .  Registration for the DATE TBD class will close on DATE TBD.  Regardless of the number of people signed up at that time, class registrations will close. This will allow me to send out prepared materials to the participants ahead of time so they have visual aids through the class.


The seminar is conducted via Skype, so you will need a computer with the most recent version of skype. You will also need speakers and a microphone. Webcams are optional, but highly recommended. At the time of the seminar, I will call the entire group in a group call. You do not need skype premium to do this (thats what i have it for).


I will continue to schedule classes as time permits.  You can always check back here for updates. This is the list of classes and the order they will occur in. When we get through a cycle, we will start over again.



  • * Double Bevel Basics- How to sharpen double bevel knives
  • * Single Bevel Basics- How to sharpen single bevel knives
  • * Basic Sharpening Technique Q&A
  • * Stone Primer and Stone Selection… discussing different types of stones and picking the right stones for your knives and the tasks at hand (DATE TBD)
  • * Tip Sharpening- the basic concepts (DATE TBD)
  • * Hamaguri edges- and in-depth primer
  • * Microbevels- what they are, why we use them, and how to use them
  • * Advanced sharpening technique Q&A



To sign up, please send an e-mail to Jon@JapaneseKnifeImports. Make sure to state that you would like to sign up for either the DATE TBD class or DATE TBD class. Also, please include your full name as well as your skype name. The cost of the seminar will be $15 to be billed ahead of time via pay pal. The class must be paid for on time to participate. The class will last about 1-1.5 hours (and may run longer if there is a need).


If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to ask.