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We are officially beginning our knife rehandling services for japanese kitchen knives.  We will be replacing/upgrading wa handles on a variety of knives, including the more traditional types- yanagiba, deba, usuba, etc.- and most of the western shaped wa-handled knives- wa-gyuto, wa-petty, wa-sujihiki, etc.  Knife rehandles are done in the traditional japanese method.  Jonathan has trained with a number of craftsmen in Japan perparing for this.  He has rehandled with variety of woods including ho wood, iichi, ebony.  For the time being, we will only be offering ho, iichi, and burnt chestnut octagonal handles.  Later on, we will add other types of wood.  The handles are imported from Japan and we perform strict quality checks on all of them.  When we install the handles, we will seal the area where the handle meets the tang so as to protect the tang from water, rust, food, etc.  Click here for pricing.


knife handles


Here are some examples of the handles we have for rehandling currently-

handle sample 1


handle sample 2


burnt chestnut handle



Pricing includes the price of the handle and installation by Japanese Knife Imports.

  • * Ho Octagon Handles- $54-58
  • * Iichi Octagon Handles- $64-68
  • * Burnt Chestnut Octagon Handles- $65-70
  • * Blonde Horn (subject to availability)- +$5

For more information or to have a hande replaced or installed, please contact us at Jon@JapaneseKnifeImports.com or call us at 310-399-0300


*We will only perform rehandles on handles purchased from us and will not sell handles unless they are installed by us.


knife rehandle training