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Kochi 270mm Migaki Yanagiba

Kochi 270mm Migaki Yanagiba


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Kochi 270mm Migaki Yanagiba

The Kochi line is an exclusive to Japanese Knife Imports.  These knives have a great in-hand feel... not too heavy, but not super light.  The yanagiba is very nice and thin and the grind is very nice.  The blue #2 steel takes a very good edge and has very nice edge retention too.  The octagon burnt chestnut handles are very comfortable and retain grip very well when wet.  These are carbon knives, so they will need to be cared for as such.  They can rust if left wet and/or dirty and will develop a patina over time.  The cladding on these knives are reactive, but not as reactive as many i have seen.


When I began testing this series, I was really impressed with the cutting ability of these knives and how easy they were to sharpen.  We are very excited to introduce you to Kochi knives.


Kochi 270mm Migaki (Polished) Yanagiba with Burnt Chestnut Octagon Handle (Blue #2 Steel)


Weight 186
Handle Length 115
Handle Height 24.27
Handle Width 20.00
Handle to Tip Length 277
Heel to Tip Length 258
Blade Height at Heel 34
Blade Thickness at 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge 3.50
Width of Spine at Middle 3.50
Width of Spine Above Heel 4.21
Width of Spine at Handle 4.38
Width of Spine about 1cm from the tip 1.30