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Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri

Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri


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Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri

This series from Gesshin Uraku has an SKD 11 core and stainless cladding.  SKD 11 is a semi stainless tool steel that happens to be great for kitchen knives.  The cladding of this knife is entirely stainless, but the core steel may darken or patina over time.  However, you won’t find it to be reactive with acidic foods at all.


These knives are very thin and have nice geometry.  They come with ho wood octagon handles and matching sayas.


Gesshin Uraku 165mm SKD Nakiri with Ho Wood Octagon Handle and Saya


Weight 140
Handle Length 128.0
Handle Height 24.1
Handle Width 20.1
Handle to Tip Length 178.0
Heel to Tip Length 164.0
Blade Height at Heel 51.0
Blade Thickness at 1/2 way between the Spine and Edge 1.65
Width of Spine at Middle 1.75
Width of Spine Above Heel 2.25
Width of Spine at Handle 2.3
Width of Spine about 1cm from the tip 1.55