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Gengetsu 270mm Stainless Wa-Sujihiki

Gengetsu 270mm Stainless Wa-Sujihiki


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Gengetsu 270mm Stainless Wa-Sujihiki

Gengetsu is a new line from JKI.  For quite some time, we have wanted to make a line like this... stainless clad carbon.  After some testing, we finally got something we were happy with.  These knives are a bit more strudy than some of the super thin knives we sell.  However, they are still very thin behind the edge, not unlike our Kochi or Gesshin Heiji knives.  The outsides of these knives are stainless and the inner core is a semi-stainless steel.  They offer a great balance of ease of sharpening, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.


These knives come with burnt chestnut octagonal handles because they are some of my favorites... more dense than ho wood, a bit heavier, and they retain amazing grip when wet.  I also happen to like the way they look.  Gengetsu knives also come with ho wood sayas.


These knives are an exclusive to JKI and a collobaration between us and one of the very talented craftsmen we work with.

Gengetsu 270mm Stainless Wa-Sujihiki with Burnt Chestnut Octagonal Handle and Ho Wood Saya