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Gesshin Hide

Japanese Knife Imports is the Official Dealer of Hide and Gesshin Hide Knives for the North America Region

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In our 2010 visit to Japan, we came across many craftsmen and many brands.  Among the best of all that we saw was Hide.  From professional chefs to home cooks, Hide knives are gaining more and more recognition every year for their great performance and unique artistic appeal.  The brand represents the best of Sakai Uchihamono. 

Both Hideaki-san and Shinichiro-san are qualified from the Japan Traditional Craft Center as craftsmen.  Each Hide knife has an authentic crafts mark sticker, guaranteeing consumers with its quality and integrity of production process. 


It is together with these skilled and respected craftsmen that we have decided to produce our first Gesshin™ branded knives- Gesshin Hide.  To have the Hide name next to ours is something I am very humbled by.  We are honored to be working together with these amazing craftsmen.



Meet the Hide Brand Craftsmen – the Father and the Son


Yamamoto-san father and son


山本 英明 (Yamamoto Hideaki)


The blade-sharpening master Hideaki-san sharpens knives as well as swords.   He sharpens only high-level knives. Many professional chefs from across Kansai region (Southern Japan) look up to Hideaki-san (also known as “Hide-san”) for his work and personality – he has a great pride in his work and does not make compromise when it comes to knives.  


山本真一郎 (Yamamoto Shinichiro)


With the inherited techniques and skill-sets from his father, Shinichiro-san continues to produce Hide knives.  At the same time, he strives to innovate, by working with professionals from outside the knife industry, including craftsmen specializing in decorative works such as lacquer ware and maki-e (sprinkled picture).


Since he has become a qualified craftsman, he has won numerous awards from the National Craftsmen Exhibition (ten times) and Osaka Crafts Exhibition (six times), as well as many others. 





「世に知れる 泉州堺の 刃物さえ 切れぬは人の 絆なるかな」

Pronounciation: “Yoni sireru Sensyusakai no Hamono sae Kirenuha hitono Kizuna narukana.”

Meaning: The bond of friendship-the only thing Sensyu-Sakai’s blades can’t sever.  


(By Shinichiro Yamamoto; Translated by Sara Motomura-Broida)

「受け継ぐは 知恵や技術や 何よりも そのひたすらの 心なるかな」

Pronounciation: “Uketugu wa Chie ya gijyutu ya Naniyorimo Sono hitasurano Kokoro narukana.”

Meaning: Knowledge, skills, and technique pass with time, but heart lives on. 

(By Shinichiro Yamamoto; Translated by Sara Motomura-Broida)



「わからぬは 切れ味の味 どんな味 人それぞれに 味は違いし」

Pronounciation: “Wakaranu wa Kireaji no aji.   Donna aji.  Hito sorezoreni Aji wa chigaishi.” 

Meaning: Hard to comprehend is the taste of the cut.  What kind of taste?  To each his own.

(By Shinichiro Yamamoto; Translated by Sara Motomura-Broida)