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1. Insert Knife with saya on into bag.




2. Fold string in half and insert the loop end of the string through the loop in the bag as shown.




3. Wrap tassel and of the string around the bag and through the loop of the string.




4. Tighten the string by pulling through gently.  Do not pull from the tassels or they could break.

(Keeping the loop in the string closest to the loop on the bag makes this easier)




5. Wrap the string around the bag as many times as needed, making sure you have enough string to complete this process.  Fold over the extra cloth on the bag to make the top look smooth and rounded.




6. Gently tighten, making sure the strings are closly bound together and preventing any twists or crossing of the strings.




7. Slide your index finger under the final wraparound to create a small gap.




8. Wrap the string around the bag one last time.




9. Slide a loop of the string through the gap you created with your index finger in step 8.




10. Pull the sting through so the loop is about 1.5-2 inches long




11. Carefuly sepatate the strings of the loop into two parts, with the tassels coming up and through the top.  Avoid any twisting of the strings.  As you look at the picture, the string on the left coming through goes to the top and the string on the right goes to the bottom.




12. Flip the tassels over to the left.




13. Fold the top loop over the bottom loop and the tassel strings.




14. Create a loop at the top of the bag by gently pulling the tassel strings to the right.




15. Pull the bottom loop through the loop you created in step 14.




16. Tighten by keeping tension on the two loops with your right hand while gently pulling the tassel strings with your left hand.




17. Tighten until the knot is secure and not loose.




18. Sit back and enjoy how nice your knife looks in its new bag.  Good job!




Directions By: Sara Motomura-Broida